News | June 19, 2000

United Ad Label Becomes Veriad

What's in a name? For United Ad Label of Brea, CA, a division of Moore Corp. Ltd., changing the 42-year-old company's name today to Veriad is an outward expression of a thorough systems retooling and branding process it has recently undergone.

The changes incorporate the latest technologies available to the label business, including launching a new Web site to better serve the evolving requirements of its customers.

With more than $30 million in annual sales and over 200 employees, Veriad is a leader in providing label solutions for the medical, veterinary, media and quality assurance industries.

"Our customers will find we're more intent than ever to be the leader in our industry with the best quality service, tradition and excellence -- all incorporated with new technology solutions to meet their changing needs," said Veriad president Cal Laird.

Veriad has several meanings. "Ver" means truly, correctly and certainly, while "ad" is short for adhesive and adhere, and also links back to the company's heritage as United Ad Label. The "i" signifies that individual customers are central to Veriad's success and also stands for its goal to always be first in customer service and support.

Along with the name is a blue and orange logo design. The blue was a United Ad Label color, while the orange is contemporary and signifies its move into the future. A bold wedge shape in blue highlights the Web site, stationery and packaging. An orange arch over the name represents labels. Accompanying the new name and logo is a new advertising tagline: "Versatile solutions that adhere."

A key component of the revamping process is the launch of a new Web site at "Our Web site is unlike anything out there in our business because it has been designed by people who know labels for people who use labels," said Laird.

The new site is designed to make the process of ordering labels easier and quicker than ever before. Features include the opportunity for customers to set up their own "My Veriad" page, and personalize their labeling needs. They can search through more than 5,400 different Veriad label and related products with ease, and make purchases from the comfort of their own computers.

The company has also revamped its pricing system to better reflect the buying patterns of its customers. According to Laird, the new system is easier to understand, consistent across the company's channels of distribution, and maintains the highest quality of products and services.

Edited by Mark Drukenbrod

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