News | February 1, 2019

AAI Launches First Nanofiber Dry Adhesive Products At ShearGrip.Com

After spending most of 2018 focused on transitioning from a lab-scale process to commercial product, Akron-based start-up Akron Ascent Innovations is proud to announce that products backed with ShearGrip, the first nanofiber dry adhesive, are now available at

ShearGrip dry adhesive offers a unique combination of ease of use, lasting adhesion, and damage-free removal not possible with conventional adhesives. Consumer products are currently available for crafting, home décor, and print photo applications. For select partners, ShearGrip products is being used in the commercial print industry for signage and other print marketing applications.

According to AAI President and CEO Dr. Barry Rosenbaum, “ShearGrip is incredibly easy to use and provides users with a cleaner, safer, and damage free alternative to pressure sensitive or liquid adhesives. ShearGrip adhesive eliminates the common difficulties and damaged surfaces that go along with using traditional adhesives.” It can be applied to many surfaces, including painted drywall, painted and finished wood, plywood, laminates, windows, cabinets, mirrors and more.

AAI’s mission is to use technical knowledge to provide easy to use and innovative adhesive solutions that exceed customer expectations, ranging from everyday consumer applications to medical devices, packaging, assembly, and electronics.

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Source: Akron Ascent Innovations