News | July 17, 2000

Adhesives Research, Inc. Introduces ARclad Repulpable Pressure-Sensitive Label Stocks

Source: Adhesives Research, Inc.
Adhesives Research, Inc.Splicing Business Unit of <%=company%> introduces two pressure-sensitives designed for bar code or label stock products for the paper industry. ARclad 7672 and ARclad 7824 are economical and highly dependable label stock pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that are useful in a variety of applications. Both ARclad 7672 and ARclad 7824 are clear, completely repulpable label stocks with bright white reading surfaces and excellent ink receptivity.

ARclad 7672 provides excellent scanning characteristics for bar code applications. This product is designed to fill applications requiring a permanent label stock suited for thermal transfer printing methods.

ARclad® 7824 is economical for applications requiring good printability via impact printing methods and provides excellent tack and adhesion properties for labels requiring permanence and non-flagging performance. This product is smear resistant. The facesheet is produced through an alkaline process for excellent color stability and non-yellowing.

ARclad 7672 and ARclad 7824 both have densified Kraft release liners featuring Adhesives Research's custom release coating on one side to provide smooth, controlled release for precise converting operations. The paper basestock is specially selected for perforating and fanfolding operations common in converting houses.

Using repulpable label stock such as ARclad 7672 and ARclad 7824 eliminates the contamination caused by non-repulpable labels. Broke contaminated by "stickies" from non-repulpable tape affects internal filtering systems and finished products, ultimately impacting quality. Paper rolls with repulpable labels that are damaged internally or rejected by customers can go directly into the broke with the paper and will break down completely, eliminating "stickies" and other contamination. ARclad 7672 and ARclad 7824 are fully repulpable, including the release liner.

Adhesives Research, Inc. is one of the world's leading independent developers and manufacturers of high-performance, specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated products. Founded in 1961, Adhesives Research offers custom capabilities in adhesive polymerization, mixing, adhesive coating and release liner design supported by extensive product development and analytical technology. The Company has been ISO 9001 registered since 1992.

In November 1999, the Splicing Business Unit launched a new customer service program called ARclad Direct, which provides customers with a direct link to Adhesives Research's high- performance splicing products and superior service. ARclad Direct includes the innovative ServicePLUS program which offers customers technical assistance within 24 hours, splicing tape audits, trial analysis reports, splicing seminars, free samples, technical training and testing services, dispenser maintenance and order acknowledgments. Overall, ARclad Direct provides many benefits that allow customers to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Adhesives Research's pressure-sensitive adhesives are used around the world in the pulp and paper, coating, converting, printing and laminating industries. The Company also develops and sells its PSA technology to other diverse markets including the electronics, automotive, aerospace, construction, appliance and medical/pharmaceutical industries. Based in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, Adhesives Research also operates manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Australia and Colombia and has sales offices in Great Britain, Germany, France and Southeast Asia.