News | October 3, 2023

Ahlstrom Promotes Plastic-Free Packaging By Offering Innovative Paper Tape Solutions

Ahlstrom is extending its product range of pressure-sensitive adhesive packaging tape applications. MasterTape Pack supplements the fiber-based product offering supporting megatrends like e-commerce and the global need for more sustainable packaging solutions.

There are approximately 30 billion square meters of packaging tape worldwide, and the numbers are growing with the expansion of e-commerce. The market is currently dominated by plastic tape, constituting 80% of all packaging tape. However, there exists a more sustainable alternative in the form of paper tape, which paves the way for a plastic-free future for packaging. Ahlstrom is a key player in the packaging tape industry and has excellent know-how in fiber-based solutions. By providing fiber-based tape backing solutions for water-activated and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, Ahlstrom helps its customers become more sustainable.

Ahlstrom's MasterTape WAT and MasterTape Pack offer a high-quality product range for packaging tape applications. They address the need for high-quality performance packaging tape backings while providing customers with a sustainability-driven tape solution that protects and secures packages with the utmost care.

MasterTape Pack Green, a ready-to-adhesive coat tape backing, offers the optimum trade-off between performance, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. To meet customers’ needs even better, Ahlstrom is now proud to launch MasterTape Pack Crepe, a low-basis weight tape backing with high stretch properties. MasterTape Pack Crepe completes Ahlstrom’s product offering for PSA tape backing with products that support the growing packaging industry while offering a paper-based alternative.

Sustainability is at the heart of Ahlstrom’s operations. Ahlstrom’s tape products use FSC certified fibers, high biobased content, and life cycle assessments to minimize the environmental footprint.

Source: Ahlstrom