News | January 30, 2019

Arisfor, LLC. Launches New And Improved Coatings Product: Arisfor ToughDeck® FR

Grove City, PA (PRWEB) - Arisfor is excited and proud to introduce a new coatings product: Arisfor ToughDeck® FR. By reinforcing ToughDeck with fiber, Arisfor has eliminated the need for fiberglass mesh transforming it into a simple, two-component product with reinforcement throughout. With its versatility, durability, and ease of use, you will turn to ToughDeck® FR for all your concrete repair needs.

Arisfor ToughDeck FR has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable. This unique coating is abrasion, impact, and water resistant while also allowing for the transmission of moisture vapor from within the substrate. This new fiber reinforced concrete repair product is the protective coating solution for a wide variety of horizontal interior and exterior applications.

Strong and sound, Arisfor ToughDeck FR provides a long lasting, slip resistant surface in any temperature or climate. No need to replace or patch, this all-in-one, safe and easy to use product eliminates the extra steps and costs associated with replacing or refinishing damaged property. Arisfor’s new product saves you time and money while protecting your surfaces for years to come. Add appeal without compromising durability with ToughDeck FR.

A major benefit of using ToughDeck FR is its quick drying technology which significantly reduces down time. With dry times averaging just 2-4 hours, you are back in service the same day.

Arisfor, LLC is excited about the problem solving and superior protection capabilities of the new Arisfor ToughDeck FR and is excited to see how our customers benefit from the product. As always, Arisfor, LLC continues to strive to provide customers with the highest quality products while continuing to innovate into the future.

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About Arisfor, LLC: Arisfor supplies problem solving coating and sealer products to provide longer lasting protection for the future of your projects. Arisfor is a family owned and operated company that truly cares about its customers and their overall project goals.

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