News | June 24, 2020

Bostik Launches Solvent-Free, Flexible Lamination Adhesives

Bostik is proud to launch its HERBERTS 700 product series of high-performance, sustainable, flexible lamination solutions for food packaging, industrial and medical markets in the Asia Pacific region. Based on polyurethane, solvent-free technologies, the product series, comprised of HERBERTS LF794/H180 and LF728/H128, enable customers to easily achieve high production demands and quality performance needs while aiding the environment.

Suitable for up to four layers of aluminum lamination retort, this product is expertly designed to provide quality adhesion without impacting the packaged material. Additionally, it has stable bonding strength, excellent heat resistance (up to 121°C) and chemical resistance, making it suitable for packaging ingredients with higher acidic content.

HERBERTS LF728/H128 has good anti-rub properties, low to no-metallization transfer and ensures metallized film layer does not dissolve after boiling. This means that packaging structures using metallized films can maintain their excellent performance with no degradation to the metallized film layer. In addition, HERBERTS LF728/H128 is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution.

Source: Bostik