News | April 17, 2024

Bostik To Lead Several Presentations At PSTC Tape Week 2024

Global adhesive supplier to present expertise on rheological considerations for reverse roll coating, PCF methodology, solvent-based pressure PSAs & UV acrylic PSAs

Bostik, the adhesive solutions segment of Arkema, will share its knowledge and expertise on several key topics related to pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and sustainability at PSTC Tape Week 2024 April 29-May 2 at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, FL. The Bostik team’s involvement will include two formal presentations, a panel discussion and a poster presentation session during the event, helping tape professionals gain valuable insight about processing methods and the future of sustainability with PSAs.

Bostik’s two formal presentation topics are:

  • Rheological Considerations for Reverse Roll Coating: The reverse roll coating process is one of the most versatile and important coating methods for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). In this presentation, attendees will learn how PSAs’ rheological properties can improve their coating efficiencies and performance quality.
  • Innovative Solution For A Lower Carbon Footprint: Bostik has developed a product carbon footprint (PCF) assessment tool to show customers their products’ estimated CO2 emissions based on different PSA selections. Attendees will learn how the assessment tool works and how Bostik’s PSAs help reduce environmental impact by enabling emission reduction and circularity.

Additionally during Tape Week, Bostik will be involved in the panel discussion, “Can Solvent-Based PSAs Survive a Sustainable Future?”. This discussion will address how the future of solvent-based PSA technology may be in jeopardy due to its environmental concerns and other PSA alternatives that can provide similar durability.

Further, Bostik will participate in a poster display session, highlighting its UV acrylic PSA technology and how different UV coating methods impact end-use performance results.

“Bostik is excited to be back at PSTC Tape Week again this year and have the opportunity to present on several topics that we feel are very important to the industry,” said Ann McGlone, Bostik’s Global Market Manager – PSAs. “Additionally, we look forward to talking with attendees about their needs to see how our broad PSA portfolio and extensive technical support can meet their performance and processing requirements and help them achieve sustainability goals.”

Join our presentations at the listed times during PSTC Tape Week April 29-May 2:

  • Poster Display Showcase: April 30, 3:45 PM EST – 5:45 PM EST
  • Rheological Considerations for Reverse Roll Coating: May 1st at 1:40 PM EST
  • Can Solvent-Based PSAs Survive A Sustainable Future?: May 2nd at 8:55 AM EST
  • Bostik’s Innovative Solution For A Lower Carbon Footprint: May 2nd at 10:55 AM EST

Source: Bostik