Company Profile | January 1, 1996

chemical reactors, mixers, fluid bed dryers, food reactors, granulators, blenders

Source: Littleford Day Inc.
processing, mixing, granulating, drying, reacting, processor, mixer, blender, batch, pilot, continuous

A 116-year-old company, Littleford Day is the market leader in supplying the Chemical Industry with technology superior Mixers, Dryers, and Chemical Reactors. With a thorough knowledge and understanding of process requirements in the Chemical Industry, we have the expertise to design and manufacture the processing equipment to meet your specific needs.

With the merger in 1992 of two processing pioneers, Littleford Bros. and J.H. Day, Littleford Day completely integrated two hundred years of tradition, experience, and knowledge. Spirited with a legacy and a renewed vision, Littleford Day prepared for the chemical processing challenges of the 21st century. As you would expect from the market leader, we will continue to create and implement improved methods and innovative technologies for the Chemical Industry.

Littleford Day is a company of highly skilled people, intent upon satisfying the needs of our customers. As your partner, we are here to provide you with the best solutions to your processing problems. Our regional Sales Managers, experts on chemical processing technologies, are conveniently located to technically support you in the field. Experienced in a diversity of chemical applications, the technical staff in our Process Development and testing Center is ready to assist with recommendations, testing, or process development.

Because all of the Littleford Day products are customized to meet your chemical processing requirements, you can expect superior quality and performance accuracy:

Competition as well as globalization is driving Chemical manufacturers to become the lowest cost producers with the highest quality. The Littleford Day technology increases your chemical processing efficiency while maintaining or improving your product quality. Thus, our solutions can dramatically contribute to achieving your growth objectives while reducing your operations spending and long-term capital costs. With our unsurpassed quality, chemical processing experience, application expertise, and personalized support, Littleford Day remains your best return on the investment.