Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Chemical Services Ltd

Source: Chemical Services Limited
Chemical Services Ltd The Chemical Services group is the largest speciality chemical operation in southern Africa. The group supplies a diverse range of specialities, raw materials and related services to a broad spectrum of industries. Technology is provided by prominent international partners and licensors, and is backed up by the group's own research and development capabilities.

Products include:

  • Chemical process technologies, chemicals, anodes and ancillaries for the electroplating and anodising industries
  • Deburring and polishing chemicals, media and equipment for the general surface treatment industry
  • Environmental protection plants for surface treatment, effluent treatment and fume abatement
  • General industrial chemicals for waste water treatment and chemical surface treatment
  • Thermoplastic engineering and fabrication
  • Custom-built corrosion-resistant tanks, scrubbers and filters
  • Turnkey surface treatment plants and equipment e.g. electroplating, anodising, pickling, phosphating and coating plants for the coin, aviation, automotive, printed circuit board, armament, wire and general engineering industries

Chemical Services sees itself as a group of autonomous chemical speciality and raw material businesses, each a leader in its field.The group is bound by a common purpose and shared values, and is strengthened by partnerships with world class corporations.