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DAP Transforms Concrete Repair Possibilities With Three New Concrete Products

Advanced Concrete Line Offers Solutions that Deliver

Baltimore, MD /PRNewswire/ - Repairing concrete cracks and completing exterior projects has never been easier or more seamless than with the new Concrete line of products from DAP, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry. Featuring a Concrete Crack Filler, All-Purpose Adhesive & Filler, and Anchoring Adhesive, DAP's new Concrete line offers technology designed to rival the competition.

"Our hard-working line of Concrete products deliver results," said Laura Savarese, product marketing manager at DAP. "Whether it's repairing a concrete crack or rebuilding rotted wood frames, professionals will appreciate our assortment for its ease of use, seamless solutions, and extensive list of project applications."

Created with advanced technology, the DAP Concrete family of products includes:

Concrete Crack Filler
DAP Concrete Crack Filler features an easy-to-use dry formula that tackles horizontal cracks, whether driveways, basements, walkways, patios or garage floors, in just one pass. Professionals will find the water-activated solution provides a durable, seamless, and excellent color-matched repair that won't shrink, crack or fade over time. Unlike most traditional concrete fillers that are liquid, messy and require shaking before application, DAP's Concrete Crack Filler is precise and simple to use with three easy steps; pour, level & mist. Light traffic ready in 4 hours and rain-ready in just 24 hours, Concrete Crack Filler is weather and UV resistant, so it won't peel or discolor with time.

All-Purpose Adhesive & Filler
An all-in-one total project solution, DAP All-Purpose Adhesive & Filler is formulated to build, bond and repair for many exterior home projects. From patching brick walls, mending concrete or stone walkway and concrete stair cracks to repairing rotted wood and adhering underwater ceramic pool tiles, the new All-Purpose Adhesive & Filler 3 in 1 is a true multi-purpose adhesive and filler solution every professional needs in their toolbox. The moldable formula has an extended working time of 20 minutes to recreate and perfect any broken corners with ease. The fully cured material provides a final strength of 12,000 PSI per ASTM D695. The 3-in-1 filler is waterproof and rain-ready immediately.

Anchoring Adhesive
When applying anchoring adhesives, most of the common mistakes made are related to cure time. To solve this problem, DAP Anchoring Adhesive eliminates all guess work when it comes to cure time. The new adhesive applies blue and cures gray, making it easy for users to know when it's fully cured. Featuring an extended working time of 15 minutes when applied in 50°-68° F, Anchoring Adhesive works on wet and even flooded holes, with a medium to high load capacity. The Anchoring Adhesive is ideal for installing awnings, balcony or stair railings, interior shelving, adding bike or hanging racks in a garage as well as hanging things from a house that requires more security.

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