News | December 18, 2020

Evonik Commissions Capacity Expansion For Adhesive Raw Materials In Marl

  • Increasing demand for reactive polyolefin systems as an adhesive raw material
  • Evonik increases its capacity for silane-modified poly-alpha- olefins by 30%
  • Additional quantities already available to ensure greater delivery reliability

Evonik has significantly expanded its capacity for silane-modified poly-alpha-olefins. With the completion of the plant expansion at the Marl Chemical Park, Evonik is now able to produce 30% more of this specialty adhesive raw material.

These silane-modified specialties are amorphous poly-alpha- olefins, which are marketed under the brand name VESTOPLAST 206. They are ideal for formulating high-quality hot melt adhesives, which are especially suited for the bonding of hard-to-bond polar substrates such as glass, ceramics and metals. However, above all, they are best characterized by their excellent adhesion to a wide range of plastics, such as polypropylene, polyester and polyamide.

"With the expansion of our capacity, we are following the increasing demand for reactive polyolefin systems and ensuring greater delivery reliability," explains Roberto Vila-Keller, Head of the Coating & Adhesive Resins Business Line. "Due to its special chemical properties, VESTOPLAST 206 is mainly used in lightweight construction or the construction industry and thus, contributes to sustainable solutions."

Source: Evonik