News | August 29, 2007

Experience Confidence With Adper Scotchbond SE Self-Etch Adhesive


St. Paul, MN - 3M ESPE introduces Adper Scotchbond SE Self-Etch Adhesive, a self-etching adhesive that offers a unique combination of confidence-inspiring features and total-etch performance in a self-etch for reduced post-operative sensitivity.

In addition to consistently high bond performance, Adper Scotchbond SE self-etch adhesive features a color change indicator to ensure proper placement and activation. The pink primer solution is a visual indicator of coverage. When the adhesive resin is applied, the resulting solution becomes clear, indicating activation of the system.

Incorporation of novel nanotechnology developed first for Filtek Supreme Plus Universal Restorative into the bonded zirconia nanofiller of Adper Scotchbond SE has allowed radiopacity, helping to prevent misdiagnosis of pooled adhesive as secondary decay.

"With its unique combination of characteristics, Adper Scotchbond SE self-etch adhesive delivers the quality clinicians expect from 3M ESPE every step of the way – from bond strength and radiopacity, to ease-of-use and consistent performance," said Kevin Reilly, Marketing Manager, 3M ESPE.

Unlike traditional self-etch systems, Adper Scotchbond SE self-etch adhesive's unique formulation offers good stability without requiring refrigeration or shaking. To prevent hydrolysis during storage and assure stability, the aqueous component is kept separate from the acidic resin until it's combined on the tooth.

A trusted leader in dental adhesives, 3M ESPE offers a full line of innovative Adper adhesive products that deliver 3M ESPE quality, reliability and convenience to meet the needs of dental professionals.