Fiber Optic Raman Spectrometer: AvaRaman

Source: Avantes BV

Raman spectroscopy measures the result of the inelastic scattering of photons. Avantes’ AvaRaman is a fiber optic spectrometer ideal for use in applications involving reaction monitoring, remote sensing, product identification, and the characterization of particulate in aqueous solutions. When combined with a 532 nm, 633 nm, or 785 nm laser, this spectrometer is designed to give you outstanding Raman measurement results.

Four different fiber optic Raman spectrometers are available in this product family, with variations in resolution, Raman shift, laser output, laser wavelength, and more. These spectrometers have a three-stage Peltier cooling systems, which provides ÆT down to -30°C cooling to ambient for superior dark noise reduction, keeping the detector at a steady 5°C. Thanks to the PID controller, this temperature is stable within a 0.1°C bandwidth.