Source: Acton Technologies, Inc.

A fast-acting fluoropolymer pre-bonding etchant. The first in promoting adhesion to any fluoropolymer or fluoroelastomer
FluoroEtch Safety Solvent does not require refrigeration, is safe and easy to handle (its flash point is 70°C) and offers the user significant quality, safety, efficiency and industrial hygiene advantages over the competition. It has a shelf life of at least one year at room temperature.

Due to the hygroscopic nature of sodium-containing solutions, the most effective application of FluoroEtch is by immersion. This permits the reaction to take place in a closed or nearly closed container. A thirty to sixty second exposure to warm etchant (50°C to 60°C) is recommended. Agitation of the parts during immersion enhances the etching effect. This is sufficient to affect a color change to dark brown (in the case of PTFE and PFA; FEP and ETFE show a very slight color change) indicating a more carbonaceous layer at the surface and rendering the fluoropolymer completely water-wettable and bondable. Following the etching process, the parts should be washed in an isopropyl or methyl alcohol bath, washed in hot water with a detergent, rinsed well and dried thoroughly.

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