News | March 25, 2021

FMi Chemical Introduces New Thermosil 3005 4-Hour Curing, Primer-Free Adhesive Sealant

  • FMi Chemical's new Thermosil 3005 is a quick curing, RTV-2, silicone adhesive sealant that facilitates faster throughput in aircraft manufacturing and MRO applications. Thermosil 3005 cures to a solid state in 4 hours at room temperature and develops full adhesion in 24 hours.
  • It bonds to a wide range of clean materials without a primer and is heat-resistant to 500˚ F.

Bloomfield, CT /PRNewswire / - New Thermosil 3005, from FMi Chemical, is an all-purpose, temperature-resistant silicone adhesive sealant for aircraft manufacturing and MRO. It offers users the ability to bond and seal parts quickly and efficiently in ambient conditions. According to FMi, Thermosil 3005 can help lower manufacturing costs and increase throughput by reducing prep, set-up time, and fixturing requirements.

Thermosil 3005 cures to a solid state in just 4 hours at room temperature, delivering high peel strength with no complex curing requirements. The product achieves full adhesion in 24 hours. Faster cure times are attainable at elevated temperatures. Thermosil 3005 has an operating temperature range of -65˚ F to 500˚ F. It is ideal for deep-section applications and wide-area bonding. It adheres to a broad range of clean materials without a primer and does not emit hazardous by-products.

Manufacturers use expensive work-holding fixtures to secure parts during bonding and sealing operations. According to FMi Chemical COO Nancy Daigle, "Because Thermosil 3005 cures in 4 hours, it reduces the need for multiple, duplicate fixtures. Rapid curing allows a single fixture to be moved to the next assembly in a short time––reducing fixturing costs and speeding production."

Thermosil 3005 is an RTV-2 (A/B) adhesive sealant that is mixed on automated mixing equipment. It ships in ready-to-use cartridges (part A) with injector rods (part B) attached. Once mixed, the 6 oz or 2.5 oz cartridges fit directly into a standard pneumatic or mechanical dispensing gun. Finally, Thermosil 3005 can be certified to manufacturers' specifications by FMi Chemical's in-house, Nadcap and ANAB accredited testing laboratory. Learn more at

FMi Chemical is a leading supplier of nonmetallic aerospace sealants, compounds, and coatings for aircraft manufacturing and MRO. For more information about the products, laboratory services, and custom packaging options offered by the company, please visit

Source: FMi Chemical, Inc.

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