News | December 6, 2005

Gorilla Tape Is Introduced

Cincinnati, OH - Finally! The toughest tape that sticks to virtually anything and stays stuck is available! Whether it's concrete, rough lumber, metal, stucco or even brick, new Gorilla Tape is the perfect tool for any job.

For years, professionals, DIYers and average consumers have been applying and reapplying traditional duct tape to surfaces for which it was often never intended. Unless taping a smooth, shiny surface, one can assume that traditional duct tape will be a short-term solution to an often long-term problem.

But now, consumers have a superior choice in all-purpose duct tapes. From the same company that proved anyone can glue virtually anything together using its legendary Gorilla Glue, comes Gorilla Tape, an "over-engineered," adhesive tape that is thicker, stickier and tougher than any other all-purpose tape on the market.

Made by the people who make tough things, Gorilla Tape is 2 to 3 times thicker than conventional duct tape and packs significantly more of what makes tape work – adhesive!
Boasting 17 mils of thick, aggressive adhesive, Gorilla Tape layers on the good stuff for a stickier grip that quickly holds to surfaces that other tape won't stick to, especially porous surfaces like brick and stucco. Compare that to just 7.5 to 10 mils of adhesive commonly found in all-purpose duct tape, and you'll see for yourself that Gorilla Tape delivers more of what consumers have always expected out of their all-purpose tape: the most powerful adhesion to the greatest variety of surfaces, indoors and out.

"We researched what people needed from tape, started from scratch and created a revolutionary tape that is better than anything else available," said Doug Roach, director or marketing for Gorilla Tape. "The fact is that normal tape doesn't work well unless the surface is perfectly clean and smooth – something we all know is rarely the case. We have developed a new tape that will meet and exceed the consumer's threshold for all-purpose tape – the biggest, strongest, toughest thing to happen to tape."

Three defining factors of Gorilla Tape
The combination of Gorilla Tape's double-thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing and tough all-weather shell make it the only "duct" type tape that will stick to smooth and rough surfaces alike. It consistently does every repair better and outperforms every tape. Here's why:

• Strong reinforced backing: Beyond the double-thick adhesive, Gorilla Tape's strong reinforced backing uses a much higher thread count than the current industry standard, which allows for significantly enhanced flexibility and durability, yet it can be ripped by hand. In fact, Gorilla Tape is so strong that it can easily hold the weight of a porous brick with one modest strip of tape! The revolutionary webbed backing also provides a superior seat for the thick adhesive, and its woven texture improves conformability to most any surface feature.

• Tough, all-weather shell: Gorilla Tape also boasts an incredibly tough all-weather shell that allows it to remain resilient in extreme weather and under harsh UV rays. It is more abrasion resistant, provides a tighter barrier against moisture and thrives under the most extreme conditions.

• Double-thick adhesive: The thicker the adhesive, the better the tape. Double-thick aggressive adhesive, laid on extra thick, fills gaps for a stickier grip, especially in applications involving rough, porous or imperfect surfaces.

Gorilla Tape is now "rolling" out to retailers nationwide. The retail price for a 35-yard roll is $9.99. To find a Gorilla Tape retailer in your area, visit the Gorilla Tape Finder at