News | December 4, 2018

GreenMantra® Technologies Introduces CERANOVUS® Polymer Additives To Enhance The Performance Of Asphalt Roads

Brantford, ON /PRNewswire/ - GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing clean technology company that produces value-added waxes and polymer additives from recycled plastics, is introducing its line of CERANOVUS polymer additives for enhanced asphalt performance in road applications.

CERANOVUS A Series polyethylene and polypropylene polymer additives, when incorporated into asphalt at two percent by weight, deliver grade bumping while maintaining low temperature properties. The additives can increase the penetration hardness of the asphalt and provide improved resistance to rutting and deformation, creating stronger, more durable roads.

The Ceranovus polymer additives blend easily with standard low shear mixing and lower asphalt viscosity for improved processability during application.

The company will be available to share more information regarding CERANOVUS polymer additives during the Asphalt Institute Annual Meeting, Dec. 3-5 at the Woodlands, Texas. Additional information and test data are available at the company's website (

About GreenMantra
Based in Brantford, Ontario, GreenMantra® Technologies utilizes a proprietary catalyst and patented process to transform recycled plastics into value-added polyethylene and polypropylene waxes and polymer additives sold under the Ceranovus® brand name. These additives have a broad range of applications in roofing and paving, polymer processing, plastic composites and adhesives, and other industries. More information on the company, its products and its innovative technology can be found at

SOURCE: GreenMantra Technologies

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