News | November 1, 2023

Harima To Expand Production Capacity Of Paint Resins By 25%

Harima is glad to announce it will expand production capacity of paint resins by 25%, in order to better respond to growing needs for paints in the Japanese market. The domestic market has seen a gradual recovery from the corona pandemic, with demand on the rise inthe related industries, particularly in the infrastructure and housing sectors.

Harima manufactures paint resins at two factories in Japan, one located at Kakogawa, our manufacturing hub and company birthplace, and the other one in the Ibaraki Prefecture. With a view to improving production system and better serve our customers, from November 2023, facilities and equipment at the Ibaraki Plant will be expanded and enhanced, while at the same time we will start making paint resins at another of our factories, the Tokyo Plant located in Saitama Prefecture. These initiatives aim for better and more responsive manufacturing and supply systems, while increasing production capacity by 25% overall. Core undertakings include strengthening processes and optimizing personnel planning and assignment, to significantly improve operations productivity and business profitability.

Used in a variety of industries, paints have the essential role of beautifying and protecting the coated object from corrosion and damage, etc., contributing to product service life and environmental conservation. A common presence all around us, paints cover a wide array of applications, from buildings and structures, to roads, vehicles and marine vessels, together with numerous types of machinery, wooden products, etc.

The resins Harima manufactures enhance paint quality with such functions as gloss, and resistance to weather and corrosion, as well as sustainability in that a large number of resins are made using plant-based materials.

Source: Harima