Newsletter | February 24, 2006

Henkel Literature Profiles Revolutionary Visible Light Cure Adhesives

Rocky Hill, CT - New literature from Henkel Corporation is designed to expose end users to Loctite® Visible Light Cure technology: innovative adhesives and equipment designed to deliver safe, efficient, and immediate cure using light in the visible spectrum.

The literature overviews the complete line of Loctite® Visible Light Cure adhesives and dispensing/curing equipment. The four-page brochure provides detailed product information on Loctite® 3552™ and Loctite® 3553™ visible light cure adhesives, as well as the Loctite® 7703 LED and Loctite® ZETA® 7720 light cure systems. All products are appropriate for a wide range of industrial and medical assembly applications.

These products require no venting or specialized protective equipment to ensure worker safety. The adhesives cure through UV blocking clear and select colored substrates, including translucent variations of blue, purple, gray, white and green. All adhesives in the Loctite® Visible Light Cure line offer excellent adhesion to various plastics including polycarbonate, PVC and ABS and are ISO 10993 biocompatible.

For a copy of the Loctite® Visible Light Cure brochure, LT-4366, call 1-888-LOCTITE, e-mail, or download a copy at

SOURCE: Henkel Corporation