High Performance NIR Spectrometers: AvaSpec NIRLine

Source: Avantes BV

The new AvaSpec NIRLine high performance spectrometers provide leading-edge performance for dispersive NIR instruments with toroid focusing mirrors and dynamic dark correction for enhanced stability.

The AvaSpec NIRLine includes eight instruments, with all but one being thermo-electrically cooled. They are designed to perform in a variety of applications such as:

  • Moisture content measurement of liquids, solids and powders for inline and quality control purposes
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurement of volatile organics such as ethanol, and methanol
  • Reflection measurements on coated substrates
  • Agricultural measurements on grains and fruit
  • Biofuel analysis
  • Plastic characterization and material identification
  • Irradiance measurements such as solar monitoring

Avantes’ AvaSpec NIR instruments are available as laboratory instruments or OEM modules with a number of premium options such as wireless communication, irradiance/intensity calibration, and nonlinearity calibration.

For more information on Avantes’ AvaSpec NIRLine of high performance spectrometers or full specifications for all available configurations, please download the brochure below:

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