Light Source with High Brightness: AvaLight-LDXE

Source: Avantes BV

The AvaLight LDXE’s very high brightness, long bulb lifetime, and 170-1100 nm wavelength range make it an ideal solution for fluorescence excitation applications when used with a band-pass filter. This light source focuses a 1000 nm laser through a Xenon bulb, resulting in high-intensity plasma. This creates a maximum output power over a broad spectral range.

The AvaLight-LDXE Light Source features very high brightness, a 10,000 hour (typical) bulb life, 0.018% std. dev stability (measured @ 254 nm over 25 s), a total optical power output of 385 mW, 52 mW optical power in 200 μm fiber, 153 mW optical power in 600 μm fiber, and much more. Purging is optional for Deep-UV operation.