News | August 29, 2023

Morchem North American President To Present Latest Advances In Laminating Adhesives At PACK EXPO

Adhesive Innovations Improve Packaging Recyclability, Performance and Manufacturing Efficiency

Pleasant Prairie, WI /PRNewswire/ - MORCHEM, an innovative manufacturer of adhesives and coatings committed to the circular plastics economy, will present technologies at PACK EXPO Las Vegas that the company has developed to reduce material and energy usage in the laminating process. Morchem President Michael Reed will lead the educational session, titled "Laminate With Less," on Tuesday, September 12, at 12 p.m. at the Processing Innovation Stage.

In this presentation, Morchem will highlight adhesive innovations that improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and minimize post-production waste in flexible packaging. As a specialist in both solvent-free and solvent-based laminating adhesives, as well as functional coatings and ink binders, Morchem will demonstrate how new, higher-performance adhesives and barrier coatings can reduce scrap during the production process and enhance monomaterial films to improve the recyclability of flexible packaging.

"The industry needs new, forward-thinking solutions to reduce the environmental impact of consumer packaging," said Cristina Ventayol, Chief Commercial Officer, Morchem. "We have been working on some very exciting adhesive and coating innovations for high-performance laminates, and we can't wait to share our results with our colleagues in the U.S. at PACK EXPO."

Achieving greater recyclability in flexible packaging has been a major hurdle for the packaging industry's sustainability goals, in large part because of multimaterial structures that are too challenging for current recycling processes. Attendees of the presentation will learn how Morchem's new barrier technologies improve the functionality and technical performance of monomaterial laminates to provide a clear path forward for fully recyclable packaging.

PACK EXPO visitors can also go to booth SU-7374 in the South Upper Hall to learn from Morchem experts how to save energy with fast-curing adhesives, reduce emissions with high-application solid content solutions and improve process efficiency with laminating solutions that eliminate bubble formation and visual defects.

"With the latest advancements in adhesive solutions and the monomaterial structures they support, the flexible packaging industry can set their sights on much improved recyclability," Reed said. "But the key to achieving this quickly is collaboration along the value chain. We need to coordinate our development efforts to realize the full potential of adhesive innovation and monomaterial films that create fully recyclable structures with the high performance required of today's packaging."

Morchem's educational session "Laminate With Less: Adhesives for Material & Energy Reduction" will be held at PACK EXPO on Tuesday, September 12 at 12 p.m. at the Processing Innovation Stage (N-10511) of the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more, visit Morchem at PACK EXPO at booth SU-7374 in the South Upper Hall, or visit

About Morchem
Morchem is an innovative manufacturer of adhesives and coatings for the flexible packaging industry. Focused on food safety and reducing waste at every step of the packaging process, Morchem collaborates with its customers to develop more sustainable, higher performance solutions for the most demanding packaging applications.


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