News | June 3, 2021

Mussel Polymers Inc Announces Its New Primer Technology That Increases Bond Strength Of Existing Adhesives 2x - 5x In Dry Conditions And Extends Their Use Into Wet Conditions

Bethlehem, PA /PRNewswire/ - Mussel Polymers, Inc. is now offering a new class of primers based on its proprietary polycatechol styrene (PCS) chemistry. This new class of primers can be used with existing urethane and other classes of adhesives to increase their bond strength 100-500% in dry conditions and improve bond strength in wet conditions even more.

Jason Stieg, Chief Commercial Officer, said, "In certain conditions MPI's new primers can make existing adhesives bond in wet conditions with the same strength as they do in dry conditions, and vastly increase the strength of existing adhesives in dry conditions."

The PCS primer system can be customized to adhesive type materials to be bonded and formulated with a range of solvents and is applicable to a wide range of markets because of its wet binding abilities and non-toxicity. Its strength, cure time, toughness, viscosity, and flexibility, can all be modified and optimized to suit specific applications. The US market for adhesives is now ~$14B, and the global total addressable market for adhesives is expected to grow to $55B by 2025.

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