News | October 27, 2017

Nanovations Releases New Packaging And Application Solution For UV Ink-Jet Primer And Adhesion Promotion For Printing Direct On To Glass

New wet wipe sachet packaging makes Nanovations N-Bond UV ink jet primer solution easy accessible for international printing companies.

Sydney, New South Wales (PRWEB) - Today, a company spokesperson announced that Nanovations Pty Ltd launched a new N-Bond Ink Jet glass primer sachet for global markets. This specially designed application pack combines Nanovations latest adhesion promotion technology for UV Ink Jet printing on glass, with a simple and easy to handle transport, storage and application solution.

The Nanovations N-Bond sachet is the first, and currently only wet wipe sachet infused with an adhesion promotion technology for the surface preparation for the printing of UV curable ink direct on to glass substrates.

N-Bond-UV-Primer is an innovative, high performance, bonding primer using the latest technology to enable UV curable inks to obtain superior adhesion on difficult-to-adhere surfaces such as glass, ceramic tiles and several other substrates.

Unlike other primer systems that create micron thick coating layers, N-Bond UV Primer forms and creates molecular bonding points between the ink resin, and the inorganic substrate.

This true nanoscale and ultra-thin technology is so effective that each single sachet is enough to prepare up to two square metre (21 sq. ft.) of glass for the printing process. N-Bond Primer is a completely invisible, monolayer technology.

N-Bond is already used and recommended by the largest printer and ink manufacturers since 2012.

However, customer worldwide have now the option to choose between the N-Bond liquid in 250 ml or 1 litre or 20 litre bulk containers or the wet wipe sachet packs.

The spokesperson added that that in sachets the N-Bond ink jet primer solution becomes significant more accessible than ever. The new packaging makes it possible to transport the primer cost effective to any country by courier and airfreight, and without the restrictions that bottled chemical may have.

The high quality sachets are uncomplicated to transport, safe and simple to store, easy to use and come with a minimum shelf life of 18 months.

The N-Bond sachets are quality controlled and certified ISO 9001 and are manufactured certified carbon neutral.

About Nanovations Pty Ltd:
Nanovations Pty Ltd is manufacturing innovative product solutions for problems that can appear on or in surfaces and materials used in the construction, industrial, automotive, marine industries and others. To find out more about “N-Bond “please visit Nanovations website,


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