News | May 27, 2024

New Media-Resistant Epoxy Adhesive For Filter Bonding

Panacol has developed a new epoxy resin adhesive specifically for bonding filters for oil, gas, and particle filtration. Structalit 5826 VT is highly resistant to fluids and media and is very suitable for bonding filters used in shipbuilding and engine construction, exhaust gas purification systems, and the renewable energy industry.

Structalit 5826 VT is a high-viscosity, one-component epoxy adhesive. High viscosity allows the adhesive to be applied easily between the filter and filter cap, as well as on the longitudinal seam of the filter fabric, without undesirable run-off. Despite its high viscosity, the adhesive effectively penetrates the filter fabric to create a strong, resilient bond.

Structalit 5826 VT is cured thermally, requiring only a few minutes in an oven at 150°C. It can also be hardened with an induction curing process. With a  temperature resistance of up to 200°C, this adhesive is suitable for use in a wide variety of liquid, gas or particle filters.

Epoxy-based adhesives generally possess higher resistance to environmental and media attack. Structalit 5826 VT was created to be particularly resistant to oils and liquids. It has passed reliability testing in fluids according to DIN 53521 (70:30 Isooctan:Toluol); and passed oil resistance tests after 1000h aging. 

All these characteristics make Structalit 5826 VT the perfect choice for bonding oil, gas, and particle filters in many industries.

Source: Panacol