OEM Spectrometer: Microprocessor Boards

Source: Avantes BV

The AS5216 electronics board is available in two configurations and is a multipurpose controller with the flexibility to interface with all of our AvaBench configurations. The AS5216 supports USB and RS-232 communication standard and is also available with a wireless communication module. The controller has digital and analog input/output capability as a standard option as well as an on board field programmable gate array (FPGA) which is used to control the timing of the board.

The AS-5216 microprocessor board has an HD26 digital I/O connector with 3 digital in and 10 digital out programmable ports, 2 analog out ports and 2 analog in ports. One digital out port would typically be used to control the AvaLight-XE pulsed Xenon light source’s flash rate, while another digital out can be used to control external TTL-shutter devices. A third is reserved for external control for flashing a laser source in LIBS applications.

The ASM-5216 microprocessor board is a smaller version of the AS-5216 with a 25% reduction in total size, as well as a lower price. Download the available datasheet for additional information on both OEM spectrometer microprocessor boards.