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OrthoSpine Partners, Flex Seal Collaborate To Protect First Responders

The Intubation box is an inexpensive temporary protection device originally devised by Dr Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan. After each intubation, the box can be cleaned with a bleach or alcohol solution. The Sani-Cloth wipes that most hospitals have will work perfectly.

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) - OrthoSpine Partners, a global orthopedics, spine, and biologics value acceleration consulting firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has teamed up with Weston, Florida-based Swift Response, LLC, makers of The Flex Seal® Family of Products, to help protect our nation’s first responders. Flex Seal Family’s substantial donation, along with an ample supply of Flex Tape®, will all go towards the production of the life-saving device known as the Intubation Box. Time is critical, but thanks to their generous contribution, over 100 boxes will be distributed across the US this week alone.

Brandon Lawrence, M.D., an ER physician in Phoenix, stated, “The Intubation Box, a temporary protection device designed by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai of Taiwan, works by sitting over the head and shoulders of a patient during the intubation process. Along with my physician colleagues and OrthoSpine Partners, I am working to not only produce them ourselves, but to share information on how hospitals and physicians can make them as well. After posting their GoFundMe and putting it on Facebook they started receiving orders from around the US. Within the first 2 hours they had 40 units ordered and 70+ by the end of the first day.”

Mike Adams, Chief Commercial Officer for OrthoSpine Partners, said, “When we reached out to Flex Seal with a request for sponsorship, they did not hesitate. Their rubberized, waterproof tape—Flex Tape—is the ideal sealant for the Intubation Box. Their product, along with their generous monetary sponsorship, will help us save lives.”

Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor and Spokesperson for The Flex Seal® Family of Products, stated, “It’s so important we keep first responders and health workers safe, especially during this crucial time. We wanted to help protect the people putting their lives on the line every day for all of us. We are so grateful we’ve been able to help provide relief and get the Intubation Box out into the field, protecting our healthcare workers.”

Patrick R. Conley of Phoenix-based Acrylic Designs Inc. is manufacturing the boxes. “We know that time is of the essence and we will do our all to ensure that we can make as many Intubation Boxes as possible.”

Mike Adams: “We would all like to express our gratitude to OrthoEx for their intensive efforts to package and ship these invaluable, life-saving devices.”

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