News | January 8, 2024

Particularly Flexible And Strong SMP Adhesive PCI Flexcoll

Suitable for all substrates and all laying materials

PCI Augsburg GmbH presents a new ready-to-use SMP adhesive suitable for all types of installation materials and substrates. Craftspeople benefit from the wide range of possible fields of application, even on critical substrates. PCI Flexcoll also scores with its particularly high adhesive strength and high elasticity.

The new SMP-based PCI Flexcoll is particularly flexible and enables all types of tiles, slabs and mosaic as well as natural stone to be laid quickly and easily. It does not matter whether it is used indoors or outdoors, on walls or floors, dry or wet. The PCI Flexcoll is even suitable for underwater use. It bonds reliably and without prior priming to all substrates, including critical substrates exposed to moisture or chemicals.

This makes the new adhesive suitable for multiple use ranging from residential construction to industrial, concrete and prefabricated house construction. However, it is particularly suitable for use in the renovation sector as critical substrates often come to light here.

The new PCI Flexcoll scores with its high adhesive strength and is nevertheless extremely elastic and highly flexible. Reliable curing is guaranteed due to the reaction with air or substrate moisture. The working time is up to 45 minutes, the application area can be exposed to loads after around one day.

PCI Flexcoll is a one-component, water-free SMP adhesive and ready for immediate use. It comes in a resealable 8 kg pail. The new adhesive is free of solvent and isocyanate and certified as very low-emission in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.

"The new PCI Flexcoll is a multi-use problem solver," explains Stephan Tschernek, Head of Marketing PCI Group. "Whether metal, wood, sprung floors, young screed or old tiles - its extra high flexibility and strong adhesion guarantee reliable installation. The desired top covering - regardless of the size and type of flooring - does not play a major role."

Source: PCI Augsburg GmbH