News | February 21, 2019

PURUS Announces Availability Of BioHybrid™ Adhesive Mats

Indio, CA (PRWEB) - PURUS, a leading supplier of cleanroom matting, paper, and glove liners in North America and Europe, announced immediate availability of their BioHybrid™ Adhesive Mat. Developed in partnership with Cardia Bioplastics™, BioHybrid™ mats are the first-ever contamination control product containing renewable, plant-based materials, providing an environmentally-friendly alternative for socially responsible organizations.

BioHybrid™ Mats remove and contain dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels, capturing 99% of all foot-borne contaminants. To develop this product, PURUS has partnered with Cardia Bioplastics™, a leading global manufacturer of sustainable resin. The term BioHybrid™ refers to the special type of resin blend used to create individual layers on the mats. Traditionally, these layers are coated with 100% low-density polyethylene film, which comes from non-renewable resources. BioHybrid™ Mats differ in that they use a resin that blends polyethylene with thermoplastic starch (TPS), made from renewable, sustainable raw materials. By replacing a percentage of the standard resin with Cardia Bioplastics™ resins, PURUS mats offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint in comparison to petrochemical polymers.

BioHybrid™ mats are just one of a number of earth-friendly initiatives PURUS is embarking upon. “It is impossible to plan for the future without focusing on sustainability,” said Dennis Baldwin, President at PURUS, “We are looking at every step of the process to ensure that we are doing everything we can.” Based on PURUS’ current annual production volume, PURUS BioHybrid™ Mats will save 135 metric tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 160 acres of forests in one year according to an analysis by ExcelPlas. More information on BioHybrid™ Adhesive Mats and how to become a distributor is available on the PURUS website.

About PURUS 
PURUS is a cleanroom equipment supplier founded in 2002. We offer cleanroom products to companies across North America and Europe in order to meet the needs of our customers who support, serve, and work in critical environments. Our business mission is to support clean environments with products that are earth-friendly, consistently dependable, and made to the highest standards. Visit for more information.


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