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Sabre Develops Premium Range Of Sealants To Cover Almost Any Interior And Exterior Application

Levin (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Sabre is a New Zealand based family business that has been developing technically advanced adhesives, sealants, and coatings for different specialized industries since 2005.

They have developed a premium range of Sabre adhesives and sealants that have undergone vigorous testing and validation to ensure that they exhibit high flexibility, weathering resistance, durability in harsh conditions and cover almost any interior and exterior application.

Their innovative, high quality adhesive products, industry knowledge, and personal approach is what has made them a leading, trusted company over the years, and you can rely on them to be committed to help you protect and grow your business.

Good Bonds Last
As a family company, Sabre will always take the time to listen and learn to understand your business and requirements, provide you with specialist advice whenever you need it, give rapid responses to queries, and help to improve your performance where it counts – from accelerating production output to decreasing warranty costs.

Their genuine care and collaboration with your business is rooted deeply in their core values:

  • Never Stop Learning – Sabre is always open to new ideas and different opinions
  • Trust and Respect – Being trustworthy leads to respect and Sabre will always do what they say they will
  • A Promise is a Promise – They will never make a promise they can’t keep
  • Raise The Bar – Continuous improvement leads to improved results, and they will always find a better solution
  • Put The Customer First – Their team will always provide the highest level of customer service and act in the interest of the customer

By partnering with the best specialists around the world to create technically advanced products and collaborating with international teams of chemists to develop breakthrough formulas, Sabre have made a premium range of sealants.

Their selection of sealant types each have different characteristics that make them suitable for a range of applications and environments, but you can rest assured that each product has gone through rigorous environmental, mechanical, and compatibility testing.

Here are some of Sabre’s sealant types below:

Silicone Sealants
These are durable, UV resistant sealants that can be used for a variety of different applications.

They are very flexible, chemical resistant, and have a relatively low cost. Sabre has several featured on their website, such as:

  • SabreSeal NC Neutral Cure Silicone – which has superior adhesion properties
  • SabreSeal SG Sanitary Silicone – this is perfect for wet areas and sanitary applications

MS Polymer Sealants
MS Polymer Sealants are innovative, environmentally friendly and moisture-curing sealants.

They deliver unique advantages through wide primerless adhesion, UV resistance, durability, and can even be painted over.

Sabre have a wide selection of these sealant types on their website, including:

  • SabreSeal MS Facade Sealant – can be applied primerless to most common construction materials
  • SabreSeal SMP 40 Adhesive Sealant – this is an extra flexible MS Polymer adhesive and sealant, which is also available in a crystal clear version

Fire-Rated Sealants
These are developed to limit, slow down, and reduce the rate of spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire in a building.

They are typically used around interior door frames, on fire walls and for electrical penetrations.

You can find highly rated and extensively tested Fire-rated sealants online at Sabre, like:

  • SabreSeal FRA Acrylic Fire-Rated Sealant – In suitably designed joints, it has a fire rating of up to 4 hours according to AS1530.4:2014.
  • Sabre Fix FRF Fire-Rated Expanding Foam – Designed for filling and sealing cavities and joints around fire-proof doors and windows according to AS1530.3.2014.

More information
To find out more about Sabre and their technically advanced adhesives, sealants, and coatings, please visit their website at

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