News | April 25, 2017

Secure Dental Adhesive Keeps Dentures In Place

When seniors have missing teeth, most of them choose to get dentures that relief gum pain and other oral problems.

DenSureFit now comes up with a new and innovative soft reline system to make your dentures comfortable without the hassle of daily application and removal of adhesive. Unlike adhesives, the products need not be applied or removed daily. With proper care and maintenance, they stay in one’s denture for weeks or months, depending on the individual circumstances.

This new product is a temporary solution to hold one’s denture onto the place between relines. Denture reline has to be taken care of. The best product can periodically minimize the growth of bacteria. Being tasteless and odorless, there is no thermo-chemical reaction.

For many wearers, DenSureFit eliminates the need for denture adhesive. This depends on the starting fit of the denture. For many wearers, with quite loose dentures, a small amount of adhesive on top of DenSureFit can be recommended to achieve an improved fit.

Regular cleaning of the denture is necessary to prolong the life of the new silicone liner and to prevent the build-up of bacteria. A denture brush can also be used to brush the veneer gently and then it has to be rinsed properly. After cleaning the denture, it should be stored in a clean air-tight plastic container or denture container with a clean, moist paper towel. The paper towel should be changed on a regular basis to avoid bacteria build-up.

Unlike an adhesive, the product is not sticky but soft and supple. It is certainly not a temporary product, therefore can be removed or peeled off anytime the wearer wishes. One of the remarkable features is that more silicon can be applied on top of itself if required, especially when denture gets a little loose after the initial application. To ensure an extra security, adhesives like powder or cream can be applied on top of the liner. It is recommended to use the minimum amount of adhesive necessary to make it stable.

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SOURCE: DenSureFit