News | May 21, 2024

SIEHE Group Has Reached Strategic Cooperation With SEL, The Largest Adhesive Company In Türkiye!

Taking the opportunity of participating in the Turkcoat & PaintIstanbul 2024, SIEHE Group visited SEL, the largest adhesive company in Türkiye, which is one of the most important partners of us in Türkiye. A partnership on a double planetary dispersion mixing system brought the two sides together at the end of last year. This system will soon be sent to the customer's factory for the production of mixed sealant.

SEL was founded in 1991, headquartered in Istanbul, with two production factories covering a total area of nearly 80000 square meters. As a leading enterprise in the sealant industry in Türkiye, SEL has an extreme pursuit of quality. In selecting production equipment, SEL pays attention to multi-dimensional considerations such as processing accuracy, equipment safety, and intelligent operation.

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has accumulated and developed rapidly. In 2021, China surpassed Germany for the first time to become the world's largest exporter of mechanical equipment. SEL has always used European equipment before. However, as more and more enterprises and individuals in Türkiye choose Chinese products, SEL has also turned its eyes to this big oriental country to find new equipment partners. After multiple rounds of inspection and comparison, SIEHE Group stands out among its peers with its strong design and processing capabilities and strict quality management system, and has reached an equipment supply cooperation with SEL.

In response to the high solid content and high viscosity of SEL materials, SIEHE has scientifically customized a double planetary dispersion mixing system, which is suitable for viscosity up to 10000Pa. s. The system consists of vacuum feeders, double planetary dispersing mixers, extrusion machines, an automatic barrel washing machine and other equipment.

The twist shape blades are formed once by precision casting, then precision boring and milling for several days by CNC machining center, and finally repeatedly polished to achieve no dead angle mixing and strong kneading effect. Based on the customer's actual situation, we flexibly design and reserve vacuum ports for easy connection to the customer's factory's vacuum system. The main components of the equipment are selected from world-renowned brands, which are sturdy and durable. The control system is equipped with operation protection devices, and the equipment has a high safety factor. There are safety grating on both sides of the mixer. In the cleaning mode, once the worker enters the mixing area, the operation will automatically stop.

The entire system is connected by an automatic walking track, and production processes such as batching, mixing, and cleaning are completed in one go. It has a high degree of automation and helps customers upgrade their production capacity.

At the SEL headquarters, representatives from SIEHE Group were warmly received by the company's senior management. Both sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the market dynamics, dispersion and mixing technology, product applications, and other aspects of the sealant industry. Both sides had a pleasant conversation and expressed a strong desire for in-depth cooperation. The head of SEL company stated that after this set of equipment is put into operation, a double planetary dispersion mixing system will be purchased again. This fully reflects the customer's recognition of SIEHE! We will do our best to give back this trust with high quality.

This on-site visit not only enhanced the level of cooperation between SIEHE Group and SEL Company, but also established a good image for China's manufacturing industry in the international market. With the rolling wave of industrialization, SIEHE is bravely advancing under the banner of " intelligent manufacturing in China".

Source: SIEHE Group