News | December 18, 2019

Sika Corporation Introduces SikaLastomer-714; Easy To Remove, Elastic Butyl Sealant

Sika Corporation, premier supplier of innovative adhesive and sealant solutions, is proud to introduce SikaLastomer-714, butyl sealant for the US Transportation Aftermarket.

SikaLastomer-714 is a one-component, high performance butyl sealant that can be easily removed - making it ideal for Automotive, Commercial Vehicle and RV maintenance applications on components that require disassembly. Recommended applications for SikaLastomer-714 include the sealing of bolt-in parts to vehicle flange (i.e. truck sliders) as well as sealing of gaskets to various substrate material.

SikaLastomer-714 offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates with little, if any surface preparation. The product is easy to apply and offers good weathering resistance.

"Once applied, SikaLastomer-714 will not harden, but remains permanently tacky and can easily be dabbed off," said Francis Boyle, Vice President Transportation Aftermarket. "This unique capability, along with its impressive performance properties, make SikaLastomer-714 an excellent sealant for a wide variety of maintenance applications in the Transportation Aftermarket."

SikaLastomer-714 is black in color and available in 310 ml cartridges.

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Source: Sika Corporation