News | November 22, 2022

Solvay Launches New Emulsifier To Boost Coatings And Adhesives Performance

Reactsurf 2490 addresses the perennial challenges of dirt pick-up and water whitening for higher-performing coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives

Solvay launched today Reactsurf 2490, a new APE-free[1] polymerizable surfactant designed as a primary emulsifier for acrylic, vinyl-acrylic and styrene-acrylic latex systems. Reactsurf 2490 improves emulsion performance to deliver superior functional and aesthetic benefits in exterior coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), compared to conventional surfactants, even at high temperatures.

In addition to exterior coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives, other common uses of Reactsurf 2490 include paint binders, adhesives & sealants, textile & nonwoven binders, paper coatings, and building & construction applications.

“Exterior coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives are both prone to surfactant leaching,” explains Janice Ng, Coatings Asia Pacific Business Development Manager. “In exterior coatings exposed to harsh environmental conditions, leaching leads to dirt pick-up and water marks, while it leads to water whitening in PSAs. Reactsurf 2490 prevents surfactant migration, which improves water-whitening resistance for PSAs and dirt pick-up resistance for exterior coatings. This means clear label products retain their original appearance, and exterior surfaces remain clean and dirt free.”

Reactsurf 2490 is highly reactive and easily incorporated during the emulsion polymerization reaction. It eliminates the need for secondary emulsifiers, thereby facilitating fast and simple design of new latexes. REACH-certified and water-soluble, Reactsurf 2490 also ensures compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for APE-free solutions. Its optimal combination of properties includes low dynamic surface tension and critical micelle concentration, good particle size control, low grit and low foaming, in turn enabling better film hardness and antiblocking.

In tests of elastomeric coating binders, Reactsurf 2490 delivered improved blocking resistance and superior dirt pick-up resistance after three months of outdoor exposure. Initial tests also demonstrated improved water-whitening resistance in PSA applications.

Reactsurf 2490 is currently available in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

[1] Alkylphenol ethoxylate-free

Source: Solvay