Company Profile | January 1, 1996

specialty polymer, rubber chemicals, coating resins, hydrocarbon resins, chemicals polymers, copolymers

Source: Goodyear Chemical
specialty polymer, rubber chemicals, coating resins, hydrocarbon resins, chemicals polymers, copolymers
Stick with Goodyear Chemical

Goodyear Chemical is familiar with sticky situations.
In fact, Goodyear Wingtack resins were the first commercially available high quality tackifying and modifying resins based on C-5 hydrocarbon monomers.

Now recognized as a leading producer of synthetic resins for pressure sensitive adhesives and hot melts, Goodyear Chemical continues to strengthen its world leadership position. Backed by extensive polymer know-how, the company continues to invest in its future and has embarked on the largest one-time expansion of its chemical business in company history.

Today, the company operates three of the world's largest synthetic elastomer and polymer plants in Houston and Beaumont, Texas. In addition to its well known synthetic rubber tire materials, Goodyear Chemical is a leading manufacturer of C-5 feedstock and produces hydrocarbon resins, elastomers and latices for the adhesives industry. Makers of tape, labels, hot melts, solvent- and water-based adhesives use Wingtack resins because their unique patented chemistry can be used in many of the applications where most other hydrocarbon resins do not adequately perform. In hot-melt adhesive applications, Wingtack demonstrates better heat-age properties, light color and less color degradation over time. High tack properties, low specific gravity, oxidative stability and consistency of properties make these resins excellent tackifiers for pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Goodyear Chemical's growth strategy assures a reliable supply of world-class quality synthetic polymers, chemicals and resins for its customers well into the new millennium.

In addition to providing raw materials to makers of adhesive tapes and bandages, Goodyear Chemical provides raw materials to manufacturers of tire and rubber products, golf and tennis balls, paints and sealants, photocopier toners, latex gloves, foam products, shoes and toys.