News | May 1, 2023

Sun Chemical To Showcase Sustainable Ink, Coating And Adhesive Solutions At Flexo & Labels Summit 2023

Sun Chemical will present its full sustainable portfolio of products for the flexible and label packaging markets across Latin America under the theme “Experience. Transformation.” during the Flexo & Labels Summit 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 23-24.

“Converters and brand owners across Latin America have a strong desire for their packaging to be sustainable and Sun Chemical is committed to helping them reach those goals,” said Mike Wouters, General Manager and President at Sun Chemical Brazil. “We continue to manufacture solutions that both meet high performance expectations and achieve those sustainable packaging goals. We look forward to showcasing our world-class ink, coating and adhesive solutions, including color management services, migration-compliant products and other unique specialties.”

A Strong Focus on Sustainability
Sun Chemical’s exhibition booth will allow visitors to learn about Sun Chemical’s approach to sustainability—the “Five Rs” (Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle, Redesign)—and how it leads to the development of inks, coatings and adhesives that help achieve bio-renewable, recyclable and compostable packaging.

Here’s some examples of products under Sun Chemical’s SunEco portfolio that will be on display:

SunSpectroSolvaWash FL is a washable/de-inkable, flexo-printable, solvent-based ink series that enables brand owners to increase the recyclability of shrink sleeve labels by allowing higher quality and yield of recycled PET from bottle recycling streams.

SunUno Solimax is a multi-purpose ink system that maximizes pressroom efficiency and simplifies the overall print production process by providing a single platform that can cover multiple end-use applications. SunUno Solimax AP inks are certified as Vinçotte-TÜV for use on “OK Compost” packaging and are suitable for printing on various plastic films for external printing and lamination with adhesives, as well as pasteurization with heat treatment.

SunVisto AquaGreen is a water-based ink and coatings series formulated with significantly higher levels of bio-renewable sourced resin content that also delivers the performance attributes needed across a range of paper packaging applications.

SunBar Aerobloc oxygen barrier coatings enable lightweighting, extend shelf life, make packaging pop, and are part of a family of functional barrier and energy-curable adhesives and coatings that allow for the redesign of packaging by reducing and eliminating plastic layers and lamination. Other products in the family include: SunBar® Vaporbloc, SunSys Vallotemp, SunFuse Theramseal, SunSys Vallogo, SunCure, and SunBeam.

SunBeam Advance 5 electron beam curing offset inks, coatings and opaque flexo whites demonstrate their functionality and flexibility in both mono-material laminates and mono-layer polyolefin packaging, benefiting from the high temperature and product resistance of EB cured inks and coatings. SunBar barrier primer can be applied before printing in such packaging structures to enhance barrier properties.

Sun Chemical will showcase its class-leading range of UV LED curing SolarWave flexo SolarWave Integra and SolarWave FSP UV LED flexo process inks are complemented by the highly versatile SolarVerse blending system which allows the production of multiple ink profiles from one system, including standard and food packaging compliant and UV LED, offering significant pressroom efficiencies. SolarWave FSP, one of Sun Chemical’s leading UV LED curing UV flexo systems for food compliant packaging and labels, is now independently certified for plant toxicity and thus suitability for compostable structures.

Offering multiple sustainable benefits, such as reduced ink waste, substrate waste and energy consumption, Sun Chemical’s SunColorBox offers a unique set of tools and services – from site assessments and full color audits to matching and validating colors to hosting digital libraries of spot colors, all of which enable consistent, accurate digital color communication and provides color data connectivity across the entire packaging supply chain. A menu of added-value services, SunColorBox offers every customer – whether printing spot color, CMYK or extended color gamut – a tool to manage colors with best efficiency and ensure their consistency across substrates and geographies. It also allows each customer to select the most suitable services based on the size of their business and the investment required.

The SunLam family of compostable lamination adhesives consist of water-based and solvent-free adhesives designed to meet the needs of all the major flexible packaging applications for food packaging. These adhesives are based on the ultra-low monomer technology to enhance safety in use for operators and consumers.

Standout on shelf remains a top target for packaging designers while the paradigm change toward sustainable packaging structures challenges it. Sun Chemical is continuously innovating special effects for shelf appeal and will showcase its SunInspire range of effect coatings not only to differentiate on shelf, but also to transform with the changes of substrates while also maintaining safety and compliance for sensitive packaging.

For more information about Sun Chemical’s solutions on display at Flexo & Labels Summit 2023, visit Sun Chemical’s booth on May 23-34 at the Centro de Convenções Rebouças in São Paulo, Brazil, or visit

Source: Sun Chemical