White Calcium Carbonate Filler

Source: Georgia Marble Company
Calwhite II is a finely ground, white calcium carbonate filler
Georgia Marble Company is a finely ground, white calcium carbonate filler. It is widely used as a filler for BMC/SMC/TMC, pultrusions, transfer moldings, wet mat molding and other compositions commonly known as glass fiber reinforced thermoset polyester compounds. It is free flowing, wet ground filler that has a controlled particle size distribution and moisture level.

When loaded in most polyester resins at accepted loading levels, this filler produces compounds having low viscosity properties. This characteristic helps to achieve faster and more complete glass fiber wet out during the early stages of compound maturation.

It is suitable for fluid polymer systems where controlled viscosity is needed and high filler loadings are required. It is useful as a filler for polyolefins, urethanes, epoxies, moldings designed to be extruded into shapes, compression and injection molding compounds. Other applications for this filler are adhesives, caulks sealants, mastics and foamed compositions. In paint and coatings, it is used in quality flat and gloss paints, enamels and varnishes.

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