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  1. Industrial Filtration Equipment For Adhesive Chemicals

    Russell Finex filtration solution helps Lucite International Group Ltd to optimize its adhesive resins production while maintaining consistent product quality

  2. New Compounds From KRAIBURG TPE For Automotive Exterior Applications

    KRAIBURG TPE has extended its portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) by additional efficient compounds. The four new THERMOLAST K types are primarily suited for sophisticated hard-soft composite components with high requirements in relation to surface quality and permanent weather resistance

  3. Newly Launched Range Of Adhesives And Coatings Enables Improved Packaging Recycling

    Sustainability is a task for the entire packaging industry, regardless of one’s place in the value chain. As a leader in adhesive technologies, Henkel is committed to actively supporting a circular economy by making it possible to return high-quality materials into the loop after use – turning waste back into valuable resources

  4. New Bakelite FoamSet Materials Provide Improved Fire Resistance Through Lighter Weight And Proven Bakelite Molding Compounds

    Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) is introducing its Bakelite FoamSet Materials, which are the Company’s latest heat-insulating construction materials, at the upcoming K Show

  5. New Pleating Adhesive For Filter Manufacturing

    A new pleating adhesive from Jowat for the manufacture of building ventilation filters impresses with top performance and favourable conditions

  6. FLEXcon Unveils Slideable, Repositionable, Removable Adhesive Technology For Short-Term, Large-Format Wrap Applications

    FLEXcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, recently announced the availability of FLEXcon HX5000 with HOV-X Technology, a new slideable, repositionable, removable adhesive system designed for full and partial bus and train wraps, shuttle bus and box truck wraps, and bus posters

  7. Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative Potting Compound Resists High Temperatures

    Master Bond Supreme 121AO is a NASA low outgassing approved epoxy suitable for bonding, sealing and potting applications. Featuring a high glass transition temperature of 200-210°C, it resists temperatures up to 550°F

  8. Wireless Solutions For A Wireless World: Chemique Adhesives Continues It’s 2019 Innovative Practices By Introducing The GA3 Adhesive System For Wall Cladding And Flooring

    Continuing their triumph to be the leader of innovation in the adhesive industry, Chemique Adhesives has developed a new adhesive application system designed for use within the wall cladding and flooring industries

  9. Customized Low Free Isocyanate Prepolymers For Reactive Hot Melt Systems

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will attend the 44th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium (MKVS) in Munich, Germany, this year with an expert presentation. The “Advancements in low free (LF) isocyanate prepolymer design for reactive adhesive systems” will be presented by Gerald King, Head of Technical Services and Application Development Europe, at LANXESS’ Urethane Systems business unit

  10. Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces Panorama Conformal Coating Line Solutions To Fit A Range Of Production Processes

    Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company, a global leader in dispensing and conformal coating equipment and technologies, is pleased to introduce its Panorama conformal coating line solutions, providing a balance of equipment and process control for optimal efficiency in automated conformal coating