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  1. Give It The Plasma Treatment: Strong Adhesion Without Adhesives

    Polymers containing plastics are essential in modern life. Being lightweight, strong and unreactive, a vast range of technologies depend on them. However, most polymers do not adhere naturally to other materials, so they need adhesives or corrosive chemical treatments to be attached to other materials

  2. Picote Brush Coating System Receives WRc Approval

    Stag Technologies, a division of the Vortex Companies, is pleased to announce that its Dual Coat (DC) 1000E epoxy, a key component of the of the Picote Brush Coating System, was recently approved by the United Kingdom based WRc (Water Research Centre)

  3. Wood Adhesives Manufacturers Focus Their Growth Strategy On Furniture, Building And Construction Industries

    Growth opportunities in the global wood adhesives market look promising over the next six years. Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Global Wood Adhesives Market, Forecast to 2024, reveals that the market is expected to witness significant growth rates due to rising volume demand for wood adhesive applications in the furniture and building and construction industries, particularly in high-growth economies such as China, India, and Southeast Asia

  4. A Painless Adhesive

    Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China have developed a new type of adhesive that can strongly adhere wet materials — such as hydrogel and living tissue — and be easily detached with a specific frequency of light.

  5. Two Part, Addition Cured Fluorosilicone Offers Excellent Chemical Resistance

    Master Bond MasterSil 980 is two part fluorosilicone system for high performance bonding, sealing, coating and potting applications. It withstands harsh chemicals such as gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, ethanol and many solvents. After testing, chemical resistance for MasterSil 980 was far superior when compared to standard type silicone systems.

  6. Pharmco Expands U.S. Manufacturing For Herbal Extraction Solvents

    Pharmco, a brand of Greenfield Global, today announced that they have expanded manufacturing capability for herbal extraction solvents at the company's Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA facility

  7. Manufacturer Of Specialty Adhesive Solutions For Home And Professional Medical Use Launches New Website

    Shurmed Health, an industry-leading producer of specialty adhesive solutions for the medical industry, announces the launch of its new website:, providing easy access to custom solutions for home and professional medical use.

  8. Meridian Adhesives Group Acquires Evans Adhesive

    Meridian Adhesives Group ("Meridian") announced today the acquisition of Evans Adhesive Corporation ("Evans Adhesive"), a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives

  9. Perma-Liner Introduces Eco-Friendly Resin

    Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC. ("Perma-Liner"), the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America, is introducing a new eco-friendly resin called Perma-Liner Vinyl Hybrid Resin

  10. New Super Sprint Rubber With Super Strong Adhesive From C&T Matrix

    SUPER SPRINT is a new development designed to speed up the application of profile rubber to the cutting dies. Super Sprint has all of the characteristics of the original Sprintrubba in terms of longevity and on-press performance with the added advantage of a strong self-adhesive backing