Product Showcase

  1. CHEM-CALK® Syl-A-Pocket
    CHEM-CALK® Syl-A-Pocket- has been formulated from the latest technology in high performance sealants.
  2. D-640™ Pure Vinyl Adhesive
    D-640™ is a latex adhesive suitable for full spread and perimeter installation of all types of pure vinyl sheet goods, solid vinyl tile and carpet backed with solid vinyl.
  3. D-650™ Clear VCT Adhesive
    D-650™ is a latex, clear, thin spread adhesive with long working time for all types of Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT). Use D-650 over structurally sound dry concrete (on, above, or below grade), APA underlayment grade plywood, and properly prepared well bonded VCT flooring.
  4. D-670™ Firm Set Sheet Goods Adhesive
    D-670™ is a firm-set, latex adhesive with good slip time for pattern and seam matching of felt backed sheet goods for light to heavy-duty commercial installations.
  5. Hard Surface Adhesive
    Bostik Findley's Floor Covering Installation System provides a wide range of products suited for quality installations of almost all types of floor covering.
  6. D-809 Exterior Carpet Adhesive
    D-809 Exterior Carpet Adhesive is a fast grab, high tack, solvent-based synthetic rubber adhesive for the exterior installation of outdoor and artificial grass carpet.
  7. D-815™ Carpet Seam & Multi-Use Adhesive
    D-815™ Carpet Seam & MuLTi-Use Adhesive (formerly D-15) D-815™ is a fast grab, non-flammable adhesive for seaming and bonding carpet edges; tack strips; rubber cove base; rubber/metal reducers, or stair treads. D-815 is suitable for use over dry surfaces including concrete and plywood.
  8. D-817™ Fast Grab Carpet Pad Adhesive
    D-817™ is a fast grab, non-flammable, latex adhesive for bonding most types of carpet pad.
  9. D-849™ Carpet Pad Cement
    D-849™ is a high strength, fast set, rubber adhesive suitable for most types of carpet pad.
  10. D-850™ Fast Grab Carpet Adhesive
    DURABOND® D-850™ is a fast grab carpet adhesive for use in commercial and residential installations of most types of carpet backings.