Product Showcase

  1. Moisture/Solids Analyzer: Computrac® MAX® 2000XL
    The Computrac MAX 2000XL Moisture/Solids Analyzer features ramped temperature programs for quicker test times and flexible ending criteria to ensure accurate test results.
  2. Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer: Jerome® 631
    The Jerome® 631-X utilizes a patented gold film sensor. The instrument’s selectivity to hydrogen sulfide eliminates interferences from sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water vapors. When the sample button is pressed, an internal pump draws air into the instrument. Any hydrogen sulfide in the sample is absorbed by the sensor which registers a proportional change in electrical resistance. The hydrogen sulfide concentration is displayed on the LCD, where it remains until the next sample is taken.
  3. Moisture Analyzer: Computrac® MAX® 5000XL
    The Computrac® MAX® 5000XL advances the state of the art in rapid moisture and ash analysis with a new temperature controlled balance that provides users with more stable and accurate measurements. The new instrument also features a temperature ramp control feature that allows the MAX® 5000XL to be used for qualitative analyses that were previously only possible using a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA).
  4. Mercury Vapor Analyzer: Jerome® 431
    The Jerome® 431-X mercury vapor analyzer uses a patented gold film sensor for accurate detection and measurement of toxic mercury concerns for applications such as industrial hygiene monitoring, mercury spill clean up and mercury exclusion testing. Simple, push-button operation allows users to measure mercury levels from 0.003 to 0.999 mg/m3 in just seconds.
  5. Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring System: Jerome® 651
    The Jerome® 651 monitoring system from Arizona Instrument is the tool you need to solve your hydrogen sulfide emission problems. Designed to provide long-term monitoring even in extreme weather conditions, it can be stationed at any location that requires monitoring. Multiple units can also be linked to form a perimeter monitoring system. Built-in software, data logging and radio telemetry capabilities make downloading data convenient and easy.
  6. North GC2000 Goggle Clip
    The North GC2000 Goggle Clip makes wearing goggles with a hard hat a snap! Just snap the three Goggle Clips onto the brim of a hard hat and the goggle clips hold the goggle headband securely in place. The North GC2000 Goggle Clip was designed primarily for North and Fibre-Metal brand hard hats, but will work on a multitude of competitor hats as well.
  7. Zircon Potting Cement No. 13
    Sauereisen Zircon Potting Cement No. 13 is primarily used where high electrical insulation and thermal conductivity are desired. No. 13 cures by a chemical-set and is ideal for potting applications subject to high temperature and/or thermal shock
  8. Insa-Lute™ Adhesive Cement No. 1
    Sauereisen Insa-Lute™ Adhesive Cement No. 1 is specified throughout the automotive, appliance and assembly industries for bonding, insulating, and encapsulating applications
  9. Mixing and Blending Methods
    Using "experience technology" and customer feedback, ProSys has developed a system, which allows the blending of a base material and an additive at the last possible moment prior to the product being filled into the container. The ability to add materials such as a pigment, catalyst, or even flavor can be completed through our CMX system, which eliminates inefficient batch processing.
  10. X-Series High Shear Mixer
    The X-Series High Shear Mixer being offered by Charles Ross and Son Company is now being offered with several new optional design features.