Product Showcase

  1. X-Series High Shear Mixer
    The X-Series High Shear Mixer being offered by Charles Ross and Son Company is now being offered with several new optional design features.
  2. Vacuum Drying System
    Complete Vacuum Drying Systems are available to meet the needs of each application. The systems typically include a mixer/blender, filter condenser, vacuum pump, and a condensate receiving vessel
  3. Ross Introduces New Cylindrical Vacuum Dryers
    Charles Ross & Son Company has recently introduced a new line of Cylindrical Dryers for the chemical process industries.
  4. New Epoxy System - EP30HT
    Master Bond Inc. has recently developed a new medium viscosity, two-component epoxy adhesive/sealant, coating and casting compound called EP30HT
  5. SEE-FLO® 488 Meter-Mix-Dispense System
    The SEE-FLO 488 meter-mix-dispense system is designed for sealing, bonding, or potting applications requiring mixed materials in high volumes
  6. Paddle Blenders

    Paddle Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a fabricated paddle agitator

  7. Ultra 870 Dispenser
    Analog-based dispenser for all assembly fluids...
  8. Dispensing Solutions
    New Ultra dispensing catalog outlining the benefits of Ultra dispensing systems...
  9. Vertical Process Tank
    Stainless Steel Tanks - Vertical process tank 8 ft.x 8 ft. and having a capacity of 3,700 gallons.
  10. Stainless ASME Code Vessel
    Vessel is designed for 15 psig and fabricated and stamped in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 - Six (6) double turns of 3"-sch half-pipe for heating