Supplier News

  1. Tri-Shaft Sanitary Mixer Designed For Vacuum & Pressure Operation
    The VersaMix was constructed using type 316 stainless steel wetted parts. The wetted surfaces were polished to a 180 grit, easy to clean finish
  2. Ross Offers Dual Shaft Mixer And Discharge System
    Charles Ross & Son Company has designed a Model CDA 100 Dual Shaft Mixer and Discharge System for use in the production of viscous non-flowing products...
  3. Double Planetary Mixer Revolutionizes High Viscosity Mixing
    The evolution of equipment design is accelerating and the business implications of this transformation are huge. Even if your mission seems straightforward — to replace existing equipment
  4. Ross Ships New Dual Shaft Mixer Design
    Ross recently shipped a new Dual-Shaft VersaMix design incorporating a special helical agitator and high-speed dispersion blade
  5. Triple Shaft Mixer Offered With Special Solids Dispersion System
    Designed for multiple mixing requirements such as high-speed dispersion, emulsification, particle-size reduction and homogenization, the Ross VersaMix Triple Shaft Mixer is now available with Solid/Liquid Injection Manifold or S.L.I.M.™ System
  6. Ross Offers ½ Pint Double Planetary Mixer
    Bill Alhofen - Product Manager has announced the introduction of a new model of the Double Planetary Mixer. The new ½- pint working capacity unit is ideally suited for the bench-top research and development of highly viscous materials, up to approx. 6 million centipoise
  7. Ross Introduces Line Of Vacuum Sanitary Ribbon Blenders
    Warren Ang – Product Manager, has announced the introduction of a new line of Sanitary Ribbon Blenders, designed for vacuum operation. The Sanitary Blenders are all manufactured in type 316-stainless steel, and are polished to enable easy cleaning between batches
  8. Henkel TRACK-Site Solutions Reduce Complexity, Cost In Coatings Process
    Henkel recently announced the launch of TRACK-Site Solutions -- a comprehensive offering of innovations that eliminates several manufacturing steps and reduces complexity in the coatings process
  9. Ross Builds Special 600 Gallon Mixing System
    Charles Ross and Son Company announces the completion of a special 600 gallon Dual Shaft - Mixing and Dispersion and Control System
  10. 200-Gallon Ross PowerMix Used for Viscous Mixing & Dispersion
    The PowerMix includes two separate agitation systems within one mixer. A planetary blade revolves in combination with a separate high speed dispersion blade