Supplier News

  1. The Art Of High Shear Mixing
    The high-shear rotor/stator mixer (HSM), once relegated to a relatively narrow niche of mixing applications, has become a mainstay in many applications in the chemical process industries (CPI). The ability to apply intense shear and shorten mixing cycles gives these mixers broad appeal for applications that require immiscible fluids to be formulated into emulsions, or agglomerated powders to be dispersed into a liquid medium. Submitted by Charles Ross and Son Company
  2. New Laboratory & Pilot Plant Mixing/Discharge System From Charles Ross & Son Company

    Chris Ross, Vice President-Sales for Charles Ross & Son Company, has announced the introduction of a new mixing-discharge system for the development and small-scale production of viscous, non-flowing products

  3. New Ross Ribbon Blenders Available From Stock
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the design of a new model of its popular line of Ribbon Blenders
  4. New Design of Double Planetary Mixer Introduced
    Charles Ross and Son Company recently introduced a new model of its proven line of Double Planetary Mixers. This new design is unique in that the mix can is raised to a fixed drive assembly. The mix can is normally positioned on the floor with the drives being raised and lowered via a hydraulic lift
  5. Ross Introduces New Design Of Double Planetary Mixer
    Bill Alhofen – Product Manager has announced the introduction of a new Model of its Double Planetary Mixer. The new model is designated as the "DPM" and is available in many sizes from 1/2 pint to 750 gallons working capacity
  6. CEE Uses New Regenerative Oxidizer Technology To Replace Older Catalytic Oxidizer With Additional Heat Recovery
    Controlled Environment Equipment was called in by a Metal Coating Facility in the Midwest to review an existing installation that was not meeting their current requirements for VOC Control
  7. 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Jumping On Board The RFID Bandwagon
    While RFID has proven to be a valuable tool in many industries and has several advantages over the bar code, implementing an RFID solution may not be appropriate for your business from the payback perspective. Whether your investigation of RFID solutions is voluntary or involuntary, as in the cases of Wal-Mart and Department of Defense (DoD) mandates, there are ten key questions that you can ask yourself to help determine your RFID application's payback. Submitted by American Barcode and RFID
  8. Ross Launches New Food Mixers Website
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the launch of a new website covering the company’s line of products sold to the Food Industry
  9. Ross Completes Vacuum Paddle Blender
    Charles Ross & Son Company has recently completed and shipped a horizontal Paddle Blender
  10. White Paper: A New & Patented High-Speed Mixer Design Has Expanded High-Energy, High-Shear Rotor/Stator Mixing Capabilities
    An innovative rotor/stator generator developed at Ross is capable of ultra-high shear mixing, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and particle size reduction. Unlike other mixers that apply intense shearing action, this one does not force manufacturers to choose between a high shear rate and a high flow rate. It delivers both.