Latest Headlines

  1. Environmental Product Declaration Verification Granted To PPG Sealant Formulas

    PPG recently announced environmental product declaration (EPD) verification for 15 formulas from the PPG TOP GUN architectural sealants product line

  2. Henkel Offers Loctite Tire Bonding Solution With Outstanding Adhesion For Acoustic Foams And Integrated Sensors

    To pave the road towards next-generation automotive tires with effective cavity noise reduction and increased sensor technology, Henkel has introduced Loctite SI 5930 FIT, an RTV silicone rubber adhesive for in-tire bonding applications

  3. Scapa Healthcare Introduces Low Trauma Hydrocolloid Adhesive For Sensitive Skin Applications

    Scapa Healthcare, a leading strategic outsource partner of skin friendly turn-key solutions, today announced the availability of Scapa Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid, a proprietary, gentle adhesive with repositionable properties for sensitive skin applications.

  4. Thermally Conductive Potting Compound Features A Low Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion

    Master Bond EP42HT-3AO is a two component, moderate viscosity epoxy system with good flow properties. It is ideal for small to moderate size encapsulating, potting and casting applications. It is also effective in bonding fragile components requiring a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

  5. Scott Bader Launches Crestabond M1-10 Structural Adhesive

    The Crestabond adhesives range of M7 (1:1) and M1 (10:1) MMA structural adhesives are unique to the market due to their primer-less bonding technology. Scott Bader is pleased to add Crestabond M1-10 to this exciting range.

  6. FLEXcon Develops Breakthrough UV Inkjet Topcoat Technology To Further Digital Printing Innovation

    FLEXcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the introduction of FLEXcon DPM UVIJ white polyester, white polypropylene (non-vinyl alternative), and white vinyl products for narrow-format UV inkjet printing of durable goods labels

  7. 3-D Printing Improves Cell Adhesion And Strength Of PDMS Polymer

    Combining two different polymer forms can switch manufacturing of silicone parts from molding, casting and spin coating of simple forms to 3-D printing of complex geometries with better mechanical characteristics and better biological adhesion, according to a team of Penn State researchers

  8. Scaling To New Heights With Gecko-Inspired Adhesive

    Some animals, such as geckos, can easily climb up walls and across ceilings. But currently, no material exists that allows everyday people to scale walls or transverse ceilings as effortlessly. Now, scientists report in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces a dry adhesive that could someday make it easier to defy gravity

  9. Wilsonart Introduces Industry-First Nonflammable Canister Contact Adhesives

    Wilsonart Adhesive has developed a new, revolutionary canister contact adhesive. A technological breakthrough for solvent-based canister contact adhesives, Wilsonart Nonflammable NF700 and NF740 Canister Adhesive series are the first nonflammable formulations with a nonflammable propellant that DO NOT contain the solvents methylene chloride or n-propyl bromide making it the go-to canister contact adhesive for all laminating applications

  10. UPM Raflatac Expands Offering For Industrial Chemical Labeling With Launch Of New Synlite Xtra Outdoor-Resistant Film

    UPM Raflatac is introducing its Synlite Xtra outdoor-resistant film face materialto the European market. This material is suitable for industrial chemical labeling applications that require a high level of resistance to challenging outdoor conditions.