Supplier News

  1. White Paper: How To Choose The Right Mixer For High-Viscosity Mixing Applications
    A few years ago, the process of selecting a mixer for most applications was straight- forward. When increased demand required an increase in production, process engineers were naturally inclined to choose the type of mixer that had worked before in the same application. When they began talking to equipment manufacturers, their questions focused on capacity, auxiliary equipment, projected delivery and price. Many tested equipment before signing a purchase order. But they were mainly exercising “due diligence” - they were simply looking for proof that the mixer would work. The selection process is more complex today, because the capabilities of the most widely used mixers have expanded steadily during the last decade
  2. White Paper: New High Speed Mixer Designs Allow More Efficient Development and Scale-Up
    Work in a typical lab is aimed at achieving a long list of goals in product development. But every aspect of business in the lab is also driven by a collection of chronic shortages. Space for equipment in the lab is always tight, and virtually every lab manager will tell you that his lab is under-funded. During the last few years, new directions in product development have added to the challenge of managing R&D
  3. White Paper: Dry Blender Selection Criteria - Vertical & Horizontal Designs
    In processing plants around the world, ribbon blenders are used to mix many thousands of products, from fertilizers and plastic resins to flavored coffees and cosmetics. The ribbon blender is one of the most common mixing devices in service today, because it is one of the most versatile and cost-efficient mixers ever created. Its simple design makes it relatively easy to build. Simplicity also ensures easy maintenance
  4. Report: Adhesive Survey Conducted By Industrial Research Services
    According to a survey of product design engineers and general managers at 245 U.S. firms that manufacture heating equipment, the most critical physical properties of cements/adhesives were high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical resistance. The study also demonstrated that inorganic cements/adhesives, such as those with a silicate, phosphate or calcium aluminate binder system, are deemed superior to other methods when subjected to high temperature and electrical current
  5. 50 HP - Ultra High Shear Mixer Introduced By Ross
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the introduction of the new model of the PreMax, one of the company’s specialty high shear mixer designs
  6. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the enterprise. This white paper discusses what integrated processes are, how they create value, specific cases of companies succeeding with integrated processes, as well as a checklist to determine how integrated your own company’s processes are. Submitted by SAP Americas
  7. Ross Introduces New Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the introduction of a new line of Laboratory - Double Planetary Mixers. The new line is designated as the "DPM-S" and is available in several standard sizes from 1-pint through 4-gallon capacity...
  8. Ross Introduces New Cylindrical Vacuum Dryers
    Charles Ross & Son Company has recently introduced a new line of Cylindrical Dryers for the chemical process industries
  9. Color And The Paint And Coatings Industries Webinar Announced
    Color is at the very heart of the paint and coatings industries. Color and appearance measurement, color communication and color formulation are essential to product development and consumer acceptance
  10. ProSys Presents RT 85 Servo Driven Squeeze Tube Filler And Optional EZ Loader
    ProSys, U.S. Manufacturers of Semi-Automatic & Automatic Squeeze tube and Syringe filling equipment for the Cosmetic, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries is proud to present their RT 85 servo driven squeeze tube filler and optional EZ Loader for additional tube storage and loading